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Shopping Extravaganza
Saturday, October 7, 10am - 8pm
Outlets at San Clemente

Ticket Holder Exclusives
$35.00 Ticket Includes:

• Exclusive Discounts
• Two prize drawing tickets (a $10.00 value)
• OSC Tote Bag
• Complimentary Bag Check
• Private catered lunch
• Wine and Cocktail tasting
• Entertainment
• $25.00 Donation to SCV

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Join us for a simply wonderful day of exclusive experiences and deep discounts at top brand name stores, all while raising money for San Clemente Village.

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San Clemente Village Volunteers

Volunteer at the event, receive complimentary admission, enjoy all the activities and support SCV.

Sign up soon to reserve your favorite volunteer position.

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Questions and Answers

1. Are drawing ticket holders required to be present at the announcements to receive prizes?

They don't have to be present at the actual drawing, but prizes must be picked up by 8pm that day. We don't really do prize announcements - there are lists with the winning raffle numbers in the prize drawing area. After 6pm that list will be available in Customer Service.

2. What is on the menu for lunch?

For the past two years we have done box lunches from Panera that feature sandwiches, salads, chips, fruit, etc. It's really lovely. This year will either be Panera or Ruby's (burgers, salads, chips, etc.)

3. How will volunteers receive training?

From the person running their designated area. All shifts have about 30 - 45 minutes of overlap to allow for training and a smooth transition. Each OSC staff person is in charge of running a particular area and will train their designated volunteers. Most positions are pretty straight forward.

4. If I purchase more than one ticket for myself, can I get them all scanned?

You can, but we do not advise this. We kind-of consider this cheating, unless of course you are purchasing tickets to give to other people. Again, our goal is to get people to the event and also to not waste food/drink/etc.

5. How do we track our sales online?
We will track the online sales and will begin reporting to you on a weekly basis beginning in August.

6. Is it required that a ticket be scanned on Oct 7th for our nonprofit to receive the $25.00 ticket donation?

You will receive the $25.00 donation for every ticket sold, whether they check-in or not. Donations will not be sent out to the non-profits until after the event. Obviously we want people to attend, thus why there is an incentive to check-in 125 people for an additional donation.