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Volunteer Opportunities

At the heart of the Village is the volunteer corps. A group of like-minded people wishing to serve in various capacities is what makes the Village a real community - neighbors helping neighbors. There are many ways to serve and a variety of talents and skills are the very essence of a great Village. Our purpose is to support members in maintaining their independence and social engagement. Below are some of the most common ways of serving. will get more than you give!

San Clemente Village Volunteer Opportunities include:

Supporting Members with Daily Living Needs
  • Home maintenance/Handyperson
  • Gardening/Yard work
  • Computer assistance
  • Electronics
  • Paperwork/Organizing
  • Transportation
  • Food preparation
  • Friendly visits/Phone check-ins
  • Pet care
  • Grocery shopping
Supporting San Clemente Village
  • a social, recreational or educational activity
  • Providing administrative support
  • Computer data entry
  • Hosting a living room chat
  • Village ambassador: Participating in outreach activities

Being on a Committee
  • Participate on a committee to help develop and sustain the San Clemente Village
  • Choose a committee based on your interests and talents TBD

To maintain the quality and integrity of our services, all volunteers are screened through background checks and personal interviews.

If you are interested in volunteering with San Clemente Village, please complete a volunteer application.  

To become a volunteer please see the Contact Us page.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcome your volunteer service to the San Clemente Village.